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  • Bharat Vidya Ratan Award at New Delhi 2012.

    XIBMS received the prestigious Bharat Vidya Ratan award at New Delhi in 2012 for excellence in distance education
  • Bharat Vidya Ratan Award at New Delhi 2012.

    XIBMS received the prestigious Bharat Vidya Ratan award at New Delhi in 2012 for excellence in distance education
  • Bharat Vidya Ratan Award at New Delhi 2012.

    XIBMS received the prestigious Bharat Vidya Ratan award at New Delhi in 2012 for excellence in distance education
  • Bharat Vidya Ratan Award at New Delhi 2012.

    XIBMS received the prestigious Bharat Vidya Ratan award at New Delhi in 2012 for excellence in distance education


The Xaviers Institute of Business Management Studies offers Business and Management programs for working class professionals. By joining XIBMS, you become part of a unique learning culture that prepares you for experiences in the real business world. Our distance learning education programs offer the opportunity to study a comprehensive curriculum in business management and receive a higher professional qualification in business management with a specialty major. All students enter the program taking the core courses in business administration and management studies. XIBMS is evolving as per the industry requirements for well educated and talented professionals.

Our Team has visualized the need to educate the managers who have missed out on the graduate and post graduate studies and hence have not been able to scale the same success in their career path which they deserve to. XIBMS is committed to its role in improving the talent pool employed currently in various sectors of the economy. XIBMS has the best affiliations from national and international management education governing bodies.


  • To facilitate the student learning--knowledge, skills, and values -- and to promote use of that knowledge in the student's work place.
  • To develop competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and information utilization, together with a commitment to a continuous learning for the enhancement of students' opportunities for career success.
  • To provide instruction that bridges the gap between theories and practice through detailed study Material and the skills that comes from the current practice of their professions.
  • To create a solid support System for Working class professionals by providing Higher Education in Business Management through a unique educational approach that expands access to learning resources.
  • To analyze the student learning and use assessment data to improve the future teaching and learning system, curriculum, instruction, learning resources, counselling and associated student services.
  • To be Recognized as a Business School which facilitates a spirit of innovation that focuses on providing academic quality, service, excellence, and convenience to the working class professionals


  • To be the best Business School in domain of Distance Education.
  • To facilitate Business Management Education to maximum working class professionals and students. It is absolutely necessary to keep pace with the dynamic demands of all business sectors and XIBMS works on a vision for management education for everyone. XIBMS is an institute where one can enter the world of management education and has the flexibility to learn from anywhere and anytime.

Quality Policy

We at XIBMS are committed to making the institute a centre of excellence and it is an enthusiastic attempt by XIBMS to expose the best of International management principles, practices and managerial function to the students. We want our students to excel in management learning and carry out research, consultancy and training that fulfil the needs and expectation of students, parents, business and society at large. We aim to do this with high degree of social sensitivity through innovation.

As part of our focus on making higher education highly accessible, XIBMS does not require students to take college entrance exams or submit essays. Instead, the Institute requires that students are employed or have access to an organizational environment that allows them to apply the concepts learned in our courses.

XIBMS offers an innovative approach to higher education. Focused on meeting the needs of working students, we believe it is important to provide educational opportunities that are not only convenient and accessible, but also up-to-date and applicable to the real world. This philosophy is reflected in many areas throughout XIBMS.

Working to remove the barriers to education, Institute offers flexible time management that allows students to enrol at any time, as well as convenient learning that enable students to learn at home. Together, these elements help expand educational opportunities for students who previously may have been excluded due to personal, geographic or employment circumstances.

In addition to convenience, a fundamental part of our educational approach is flexibility. Understanding that busy working students want to earn their degrees efficiently, we offer flexible time management instead of operating on a semester or quarter schedule. This allows students to enrol at XIBMS year-round rather than waiting for the next semester or quarter.

Another benefit of flexible time management is that learning is not interrupted for long breaks during the year. Students can complete their degrees sooner than they may think-and without having to put their jobs and other commitments on hold.

Director's Message

Welcome to the Xaviers Institute of Business Management Studies, where our courses are designed to help you build professional skills in Business and Management. Our unique learning culture bridges the gap between theory and practice, preparing you to apply your new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

XIBMS recognizes the role of education and the importance of social responsibility that every citizen should possess in today's Global scenario. Distance Learning is helping students to keep up with the pace of globalization and the competitions arising from the internal and external factors.

XIBMS provides a well balanced combination of academic and practical business oriented content through a unique theoretical approach. XIBMS offers understanding of businesses and organizations, along with theories on technologies and tools for resolving the problems arising in them through case studies.

We're committed to our students, and above all, we're constantly working to find new ways to help them make room for education in their busy lives.

Students will master a specific array of disciplinary knowledge and abilities, and will be able to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. They will demonstrate values and ethics appropriate to their discipline and engage in lifelong learning to improve their professional competence and practice.

Along with the sound business knowledge provided through the curriculum, XIBMS also emphasizes on the development of interpersonal and business communication. Developing creative problem-solving skills and learning through realistic business scenarios are a focus as they support your growth throughout the program.

Xaviers Institute of Business Management Studies offers a mix of Theory and Real Life Business Case studies by providing students with Relevant Subject Materials and Application of that Knowledge in Real Life Case studies. This unique Methodology creates a learning platform where Knowledge and application help you get the best of both the world.

XIBMS compliments those having this information in their hands and wishes them success for their future endeavours.

Course Benefits

  • Excellent Course Materials - We are pleased to expand the frontiers of education with our correspondence Management programs to offer courses in multiple learning formats.
  • Convenience - The Xaviers Institute of Business Management Studies program allows the professionals to pursue their courses in the comfort of their own home or office, around their own lifestyle.
  • Customised Program - Specialized courses are designed depending upon the profile of the professional.
  • Excellent Service - We provide personal attention and service that begins before you apply, continues throughout your program, and extends after course completion. You are in constant contact with your academic advisor via phone, email and regular mail.
  • Case Based Learning - A case-based approach engages students in discussion of specific situations, typically real-world examples of Indian and International companies. Allowing the students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice.
  • Outstanding Faculty - Our faculty includes academic experts and Management professionals.
  • Specialization - We provide more than 100 specializations which allow students to gain additional knowledge and background on specific business topics.
  • Affiliations - XIBMS has strong affiliations giving credibility and wide acceptance to the courses offered.