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Key educational trends in 2019 for India

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Education is the foundation of any well developed civilization. This has been proven true since ancient times. With the rapid advancements of society and technology, it is important for the current students to learn in a holistic manner about the present society. Many educational institutions have taken steps towards implementing these in the teaching of students. Education also needs to equip students with skills and knowledge to help them in the current society.

Listed below are some of the trends that will be making an impact in the education sector in the year of 2019.

Integrated Learning

Integrated learning includes the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in classroom teaching teaching. This will help students to visualize better the courses that are taught. They can be shown a virtual battle that has been fought more than 1000 years ago in their history classroom by employing modern technology, of can be shown atomic and subatomic particles in their science class. The uses of AR and VR are infinite and are only limited by our imagination.

AI and Big Data

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with big data can help to create personalized training course materials for individual students by studying their patterns and analyzing their data. This is not an attempt to reduce the burden on teachers given the country’s low teacher to student ratio.


With the increasing availability of technology in the hands of the youths, especially school students, it has become imperative to increase focus on cyber security. The age groups of teenagers are especially vulnerable to cyber bullying and care must be taken to identify such cases at nascent stages.

Teacher Training

Teachers are an asset to any nation. With the introduction of such new training methods in the classroom, it will become necessary for the teachers to be tech savvy with all the technology they have to work with. There are also many specialized training that are focused on teachers to increase the skill set of teachers and teach them to adapt to different scenarios and handle different types of students.

Course material in regional languages

Most of the course material of higher education institutes are in the English language. India is a land with many languages and language should never be a barrier to knowledge. Thus efforts are being made to translate the course material to regional languages to help the knowledge spread to students of all backgrounds and languages.

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