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The growing appeal of distance education

appeal of distance education

Distance learning has been booming globally since the past few years. The idea of being able to study at one’s desired place or convenience and get a valid graduation has gained a huge appeal with students of varying age groups. Especially since now there is the technology to support the idea compared to a few years back has widely increased the popularity of distance education. This is especially so in cases where the student candidates have certain health issues that make it difficult to physically attend universities. The trend of distance learning has also spread in India over the past few years. There are many major universities that have started their own distance learning programs in order to tap into this growing global education requirement. And rightly so.

Learning is a process that never ends in life. As an intellectual species, humans have an in-built desire for learning new things. Thus, the concept of being able to learn about various disciplines an having an authentic degree to show for it has especially caused the gravitation towards e-learning in the 30+ age group. This coupled with the facility to study at your prefered location at your own timings has caused many part-time and full-time professionals to opt for distance education. With only a laptop and an wireless internet connection, your local library or coffee shop can become a great study location. You can also connect and interact with your fellow colleagues who may even reside in a foreign country and build a solid network. With all your training material being digital, you could easily complete your course at your own pace.

But like all things, distance learning in addition to the above mentioned pros has one glaring con, and that is the drive of the student. It can be safely assumed that the more comfortable your environment, the more you lose your drive to pursue your goals in hand. But this is not always the case, as it has been seen across the different universities who have a distance learning program that almost all the enrolled students have completed their graduation within the stipulated time period of the program. This has been credited to the fact that most of those who enroll to the distance learning programs do it because they want to. They wish to learn more so they get better job opportunities in the future.

If you think that distance learning is for you, or if you wish to complete another graduation degree in another field, you can definitely opt for distance education. One thing to keep in mind while shortlisting the universities is to check the accreditation of those universities. Accreditation of any distance learning program has to be done by the relevant governmental bodies for education of the respective countries in which the universities are located. For example if there is a university that provides technical education in India, it should be accredited by the AICTE.

So, if you have always wanted to get a valid degree in a particular specialization but are unable to do so because you can’t attend the universities personally, you can always check out the different distance education programs of the various universities in your field.

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