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What do management consultants do

Management Consulting

Management consulting is one of the most lucrative jobs that fresh management graduates are attracted to. The allure of travelling to different client locations for consultation is very high. But what is it that you exactly do you need to do to start management consulting? Do management companies send their employees as consultants? What skill set should you have in order to become a management consultant?

So what is it that management consultants do and why are they paid so much? You might have pondered over this question and rightly so. Management consultants solve complex business and organizational problems in order to improve the efficiency of operations of a business. They are supposed to get a big picture of the current scenario of the organization and create plans to help the organizations obtain their goals. They need to travel to client locations to get first hand information about the client business in order to work out to create the plans.

Management consultants are usually sent out by management companies or freelance management consultants are directly contacted by businesses for the consultation. While it looks all fine and dandy at first, it isn’t always like that. The management consultants need to reach the client locations before the clients and leave after the client leaves. And even after that they need to carry back their work back to their home to create the optimized business plans.

Management consultants need to have good communication skills and analytical prowess. They also need to be generalists rather than specialists. Their generalist outlook helps them to think out solutions for different types of businesses. They usually work for a few clients at a time or one client at a time depending on the client. They need to be through with organizational strategies.

If you feel you are cut out to be a management consultant, then there are numerous management companies that hire experienced professionals as well as freshers as management consultants. Do your homework while applying to such companies and select the ones with whose organizational policies you are most comfortable with.

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