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Accreditation and Distance Learning



The education system has seen vast changes in the past few years. Distance education especially has made significant improvements. The advancement of technology has made it possible to create online universities and have interested candidates to enroll from different locations across the globe. The convenience of distance education has found wide appeal among working professionals who plan to pursue higher education while still continuing with their job. Another interesting demographic that has been observed making the use of distance learning facilities are the housewives. They have been enrolling mostly for courses that help them to start their own enterprise from home. These are some of the cases that show that many individuals are interested in distance education and the different institutes that provide such distance education programs are also on the rise.

But some important questions arise in our minds such as who approves these distance education institutes and universities? How can the programs be graded depending on the study material provided by said institutes? Who grades the study material? Is the certificate of graduation obtained at the end of the course valid to get a job? These are very valid questions since your professional career depends on this. This is where accreditation comes in. The meaning of the term accreditation is: the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.’ There are national and international governmental educational bodies who undertake this task. Accreditation is the assurance of quality of education by a given university by external governmental educational organizations after rigorous assessments of the quality of training, educational material, examination process, and other related factors. Any given university can be accredited by more than one organization, both on a national and international level. This thereby increases the value of the certificate of completion that the students receive at the end of the course, which in turn gives the candidates better career prospects.

Every distance learning institute and university will have their own website on which will be listed their accreditations. For example, you can find the accreditations of Xavier’s Institute of Management Studies in the accreditation section of our website. Here you can check all the accreditations of the institute. You can also cross-check the validity of the accreditations on the relevant accreditors’ websites. Such validations help with keep a high quality of distance education in among the various institutes and universities that offer their distance learning courses.

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