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When to opt for distance education

Distance education


Distance education has seen a rapid increase over recent years. It provides certain benefits over traditional education that has increased its appeal to students. Distance learning programs set up by various institutions and universities have seen a massive influx of applicants for their courses. Post-graduate level courses such as MBA have especially been a rise in applicants to register for the courses. This is due to the flexibility of schedule that is present in the distance learning medium.

The main advantage of distance learning is that it is location independent. All you need is access to a PC with an internet connection and you are good to go. One of the main benefits of distance education is that you can select to enroll in universities that are physically far from you, even on another continent, and you can get a certificate of that university on completing your course with them. This is much more economical than physically enrolling for that particular course at the university.

Another benefit of distance education for a populous country like India is that it helps in increasing the available number seats for any professional course. India has limited educational infrastructure that finds it difficult to accommodate all the applicants for a particular course. The issue can easily be solved by employing distance education courses. This will help increase the quality of the workforce and expose them to all the different options that are available to them to pursue a professional degree.

Distance education is well suited for working professionals. There are times and circumstances when one cannot leave their current job in order to pursue a higher degree. Opting for a distance learning program for the degree from a well-accredited institution can help overcome the situation due to its flexibility, with a certain amount of persistence and determination.

All in all, you can choose to opt for distance education when:
You wish to stay at your location while pursuing your course.
You wish to cut on your expenditures while pursuing your degree (the total cost of distance education is lesser than physically going to college especially if it is in another country or continent).
You are a working professional and want to set the pace and time of your study schedule if you cannot quit your current job.

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