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Staying focused while pursuing distance learning

Stay Focused

Distance learning has made leaps and is evolving every day. It provides the students enrolled in the online distance education program to study leisurely and at their own pace. But is definitely a good advantage of distance learning, but it also is one of the biggest cons as well. Students sometimes tend to procrastinate their studies and are also distracted easily because there is none to monitor them. While it does seem that pursuing a course via online distance learning is easier, it comes with its own set of baggage.

One of the biggest misconception that most people have towards distance education is that they think it is easier compared to traditional brick and mortar classrooms. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The curriculum that is taught through both mediums is the same, it is just that one is taught through a physical medium and the other through a digital medium. In fact, in many cases the students enrolled in distance education programs need to be more diligent in their studies compared to their counterparts who physically attend the same lectures.

The students opting for distance learning also need to adhere to a strict time table. They cannot study haphazardly at any time they wish to. While distance education gives the students a flexibility of timing they need to spend a specific amount of time daily to complete their course. The number of hours of study each day should be fixed and the students should adhere to the time table religiously. They cannot keep on delaying as procrastination will only serve to make them lag behind in their studies.

If sometimes in the midst of the course, the students are unclear of the concepts that are taught in the course, they can always reach out to the respective faculties of the course and have their doubts resolved. They should also try and communicate with their batch mates as it will be a great boost to their interpersonal skills. There are many cases in which your fellow students may not be of the same nationality as you or even live in a different continent. It would be a great platform to learn about different cultures firsthand.

While it online distance education is more convenient, it also requires a certain amount of dedication from the students who pursue the distance learning program. If they are a bit strict with themselves, they would definitely complete their course with good grades.

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